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Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) is a secular non-profit, non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in June 2000 by Rev. Dr. William Rankin and Dr. Charles Wilson in response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. GAIA works in impoverished Malawian villages, to provide basic health services, targeting prevention, care, and support in communities affected by HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria. Malawi, in Sub-Saharan Africa, is at the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS crisis where 48,000 people die each year.

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Together with the communities that we serve, GAIA develops innovative, tested and replicable healthcare programs in resource-deprived regions in Africa, especially those most affected by HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria. To ensure the broadest possible impact, we rigorously test our initiatives and promote the replication of successful models.

About GAIA

GAIA works in Malawi, in Sub-Saharan Africa, at the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS crisis. We operate three programs, the Nursing Program, GAIA Villages Program, and GAIA Elizabeth Taylor Mobile Health Clinics Program. Learn more about our programs here.

GAIA’s 2015 budget is $3.7+ million. More than 80% of funding goes directly to programs (18% Fundraising and Administration). At GAIA, a little goes a long way. Here is a snapshot of GAIA’s 2014 accomplishments: GAIA operated in 60 villages, employed 240 Community Caregivers, served 2,681 youth through youth clubs, supported 2,742 orphans, provided 185,624 client visits, treated 41,295 Malaria clients, tested 3,955 clients for HIV (7% positive test rate), and reached 91,000+ with HIV prevention messages.


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