Mobile Health Clinics

The GAIA Elizabeth Taylor Mobile Health Clinic Program

More than 80% of Malawians live in rural areas, many hours walk from the nearest government clinic or hospital. GAIA deploys seven Toyota Land Cruisers loaded with medical supplies and each staffed by a clinical officer (similar to a physician’s assistant), a registered nurse, a nurse’s aide, a nurse follow up coordinator and a driver to Malawi’s most remote villages Monday through Friday.

Each mobile clinic serves 100-225 patients daily with care for acute and chronic conditions, providing diagnosis and treatment for life-threatening illnesses, such as malaria and pneumonia. They test for HIV and TB and arrange for follow-up care. They provide health information talks, family planning services, growth monitoring of infants and children, and HIV counseling, testing, and referrals for clients who test positive.

With the seven mobile health clinics in operation, now every resident of Mulanje and Phalombe Districts (over 900,000 people) is within an hour’s walk of needed healthcare.

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